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Do you want a life filled with  meaningful friendships, work relationships and love relationships? One of the basic human desires is to be loved and to love, yet many of us grow up with role models that teach us about shame, blame, conflict, distrust, and protecting ourselves instead of authenticity, vulnerability and joy. This website is for you if you want to expand the love and kindness in your life.

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Shame and the belief in not being enough is one of the big barriers to living a life filled with love and joy. I know it’s possible to let go of the beliefs and feelings that keep out love. You can do it, too!

5 Steps to Sanity, Peace and Freedom

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What Others Have Said About My Work

Constance was able to assist me in delineating my goals quickly and with a high degree of clarity. It was simple to take the next steps to attain those goals. When I reevaluated and changed the order in which those goals needed to be met, she was quick to see the value in this and affirm the importance of it. More importantly, through my own work, I was reminded once again that I am not first and foremost an artist or writer, but a social activist and teacher. This is easy for me to lose sight of and Constance’s questions were the catalyst for this. Despite only spending a couple hours with her, I have felt clear of what goals I need to accomplish and the steps to do so. It was like a breath of fresh air.   Bernie Fox

Constance Chapman was my coach during a time I wanted to expand my business by doing more of my heart’s calling. She helped me to get very clear on what I wanted to achieve, and assisted me in setting realistic step-by-step goals that were achievable and gave me a feeling of success. She also supported me by suggesting affirmations to help me build confidence and a sense of joy even in the more mundane tasks towards my goals, which was very helpful. She was encouraging without being pushy, non-judgmental, practical, and provided clear focus for me to get things done that I’ve been procrastinating about for some time. The coaching helped me expand my vision of what is possible, and helped me feel that I could really do it!  C Rolfing