About Constance Chapman

Constance Chapman has empowered women as long as she can remember. Even before she became a crisis worker with abused women, women would gravitate to Constance, telling her their story, sensing the safety and confidentiality she provides.

For 30 years Constance helped women who directly experienced abuse in their relationship move away from the violence to create lives filled with the peace and sanity they desire. She worked in many aspects of the domestic violence or battered women’s movement, including training, support groups, curriculum & workshop development, nonprofit startup, nonprofit management and funding. Through all these different roles, she saw her client’s strengths whether an individual or or organization, allowing them to help others in a greater way..

She is a Certified Life Coach as well as a trained crisis counselor, advocate and support worker. She has a Masters degree in Sociology and Women’s Spirituality as well as a fine arts degree in art and writing.  She also is a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner. In the Centers for Spiritual Living, this is a six year training, and then a life long practice. In this role, she helps women find the beliefs that have been holding them back and make a new choice about beliefs. 

Her best training has come from the many women she worked with who have taught her about strength and courage. She believes in the women she works with, and when necessary, will hold this belief until the woman can embrace it herself. She knows that women have wisdom and answers they need inside them. As a coach, she guides them to find their own solutions and to reach their goals and dreams.

In 2008, Constance made a major life change which included a move from British Columbia, Canada where she had lived for 30 years to California. She arrived just in time for the stock market and housing bust. Without connections and resources, and in many ways feeling like a stranger in the country of her birth, she experienced an emotional and financial crash.

From this crash, she found a strength she had only dreamed of, a strength that is not subject to the whims of what is going on around her. She uses that experience to help other women find their internal power. She also turned her experience into a book, Am I Worth It? How to Turn Doubt Into YES Forever. The book has subsequently been translated into Russian and is used extensively in Ukraine and Crimea.