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Reform Your Self Critic!

When your self-critic takes up most of the space in your mind, life sucks! After reading this booklet and applying the tips and techniques, you will:

Be able to recognize that self-critical voice before it starts screaming at you;

Know what to do to change the voice to a loving one.

5 Steps to Sanity, Peace and Freedom

If  you’ve been in a toxic, critical, or abusive relationship whether at work or home, this booklet will:

  • Give you concrete actions to regain your self.
  • Provide you with specific steps to take to implement those actions.
  • A fun and enjoyable way for you to track your progress.


Gratitude is a key practice for living a healthy, happy life. Sometimes it’s hard to start a new practice. This journal is a place where you can commit to gratitude for seven days and record your observations.