In our life the power flows through us. If we provide a big receptivity, it will do a big thing; if, on the other hand, we only believe in a small way, the activity must be a small one. The Spirit can do for us only what it can do through us. 

~Ernest Holmes

I’ve heard this in many ways for many years: if you take a thimble to the ocean of life, you’ll get a thimble of life; if you take a teacup, you’ll get a teacup full. Take a shipping container and get gallons of life. Over the past year, I focused on flow.  I started by asking the questions: How do I know when I’m in the flow? What does it feel like to be in the flow and to be out of flow?  


Through my recent house purchase and move, I experienced flow and experience when I stopped the flow. One of the things I’ve discovered is that the question I was asking was incorrect. It isn’t a question of whether I’m in the flow. It’s a question of HOW I’m in the flow. The life force, the energy that some call God, others call Spirit or Atma or Buddha or evolution is always working in, around and through us. So it’s not about whether it’s working through us. It’s about how it’s working through us. Think of a hose with water running through it. If you pick up the hose and bend it over, the water is still flowing and it’s flowing a lot slower and may appear to be stopped. Yet, it hasn’t stopped because once you let go, the flow begins again with as much force as the hose can handle.


Since buying a house wasn’t something I’d been attempting to manifest, when the opportunity fell into my hands, I decided to embrace it lightly. By that I mean, I took a step and then let go of expecting a particular outcome. 


As soon as I decided I had to make something happen, when I held onto an outcome with a tight grip,  the whole process was delayed with a lot of frustration on my part. For example, once the closing date was set and I had given notice at my old apartment, I decided that I wanted – no needed – my new place painted before I unloaded boxes. This meant I had a two week window between closing and my moving date. I was determined to make this happen! That is when things halted like a teenager faced with Saturday chores. The Home Owners Association couldn’t find necessary documents; the title company lost documents; the county misplaced things I’d already signed. Once I realized that it wasn’t in my power to get things flowing, I let go. I went back to packing. I closed the afternoon of the day I moved!


At other times in my life, making things happen worked. In Science of Mind and other New Thought philosophies, we talk about “princes, palaces and parking spots.” This is what “The Secret” was all about.  This move and the miracle house that I’m now in forced me to learn that there is something totally different from manifestation as it is usually conceived. This was not princes, palaces and parking spots! (I’m very grateful that I’m still able to manifest parking spots – most of the time.) With this different experience, I found the best course of action was to stop, relax, embrace patience, and be aware. 


Next week I’ll write about this different thing. If you’re interested, stay tuned!