What I am writing about I learned from Ninsumbur.  Ninsubur is the trusted servant of the goddess Inanna who was the primary deity in Mesopotamia, now Iraq, for over 4,000 years.  I don’t know if it’s the time of the year – so many distractions – or whether it’s something else, but I’ve been stuck writing this for several weeks. This morning I had a call with my coach and she helped me motivate myself.

When I first read about Inanna  in 2003, I questioned who Ninsubur was.  I wasn’t sure what servant meant in a goddess culture. So I sat with the question, “who is Ninsubur” for several years. That question wasn’t about who she was as a character in the pantheon of gods and goddesses. It was much more about what she represented.

I “got” Ninsubur after several years of studying Science of Mind, a New Thought philosophy.  Science of Mind believes that our habitual patterns of thought show up as our lives. As a slogan, it becomes, “change your thoughts, change your life.”  This was a slogan I resisted for the first couple of years in this philosophy. “Yes, but” was the mantra I lived by. After all, I was trained as a sociologist and knew all the facts about inequality; I was a feminist and knew about inequality between men and women; I had worked with abused women for over twenty-five years where the primary belief I held along with others was that women are not at fault for the abuse but are the victims of the abuser.  So I had a lot of “stuff” in the way of experiencing the truth of Science of Mind.

However, I wasn’t happy with my life the way it was so I persevered and finally started to see the results in my own life of changing my thinking. I won’t bore you with how many false turns I made on that road. Every false turn was a learning experience, so now I don’t regret them at all.

In Science of Mind, we believe that what we call God, what others may call Spirit or Life energy is present in everything. Not only is it present, it the primary cause of what we see in form. Everything in form began as a thought in that One energy. The thought is then acted upon by the Law which manifests the thought as form. 

The Science of Mind teaching symbol. Spirit, God, Life energy is the yellow V that is in, around and through everything. The blue is Mind or conscious beliefs. The green is the Law that takes the beliefs and creates the Red or form.  

This is the stained glass window in my spiritual center, Oakland Center for Spiritual Living.

Back to Ninsubur.

One day, it dawned on me that Ninsubur was the Law. In every story of Inanna that I’ve read, Ninsubur does Inanna’s bidding. If Inanna wants to be saved from the demons, Ninsubur makes that happen. If Inanna wants to return from the underworld, Ninsubur makes that happen. The ancients, our ancestors, understood how Spirit (Inanna) and the Law (Ninsubur) worked and turned it into story form.

Last month as I was preparing for the Goddess Storytelling day, I was studying the story of Inanna and the God of Wisdom. In that story, both Inanna and the God of Wisdom (Enki) have a servant.  I noticed that each was referred to as a sukkal.  I got curious about what sukkal meant. When I looked up the translation on the internet, I found it meant “spiritual mirror.”  This was a big “aha” for me.

That got me thinking about the Law as spiritual mirror. Not only does the Law respond to what I put into it with my conscious and unconscious thought (as it also responds to our collective thoughts), it mirrors back to me what I’m thinking. I took an inventory of my life. A lot of great things have come into my life, like a new house, great friends and wonderful community – and there are things that don’t bring me joy and happiness, like being physically distant from my family. This gives me a wonderful mirror to work with. Just like I look into my mirror in my bathroom and decide my hair needs cutting, I can look into the mirror of my life and decide to take action on one or more beliefs.

As we enter into the holiday season, this is an opportunity to use your spiritual mirror to reflect and ponder the gifts in your life. Gifts come in many forms. Some come in brightly colored paper and contain gifts of joy and wonder. Other packages show up dirty, torn and damaged and contain other, less enjoyable emotions, events and patterns. We all have those packages that we hadn’t consciously put on our wish list show up. When Inanna had three sets of obstacles in the form of demons, giants and others show up to stop her from taking the gifts of civilization to her people, she greeted them with courage and conviction – and the Law in the form of Ninsubur sent them scurrying away.

How do your thoughts greet unpleasant situations and how do you greet your thoughts? 

As we go into this holiday season, a time ripe for giving us all manner of gifts, you can use your spiritual mirror to revolutionize your life and your thoughts.  The Spiritual Listening Circle on November 23 from 1 PM to 3 PM in San Leandro is a wonderful time to come and explore making your holiday season exactly the way you want it to be – and to let go of beliefs that are creating an unwanted reality for you.