Resiliency Coaching

Resiliency is…calm in the middle of a storm

Peace is the midst of violence

Finding buoyancy when waves are crashing

Expanding your authentic self.


Resiliency coaching

The River Flows

You’ve identified your dream and goal and are determined to flow forward easily while staying on course.  You’re willing to invest in yourself as you know that the more you’re willing to put in, the more you’ll get out.

  • 12 Sessions in 3 Months
  • Up to 3 Email and/or phone support/week
  • $1800/month or $3565 pay in full (33% savings)

Bubbling Spring

You have a glimpse of what you want and want to see what bubbles up when you pursue your dream and goal.

  • 9 Sessions in 3 Months
  • One email and/or phone support per week.
  • $1350/month or $3240 pay in full (20% savings)
resiliency coaching
resiliency coaching

The Refreshing Well

You’re on the path to fulfilling your dream and goal and need a boost to refresh your focus.

  • One Session with pre-work
  • One Challenge/goal
  • $225 returning clients
  • $450 new clients